Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Fortune And Great Food

The Seed Cooler
Less than 30 miles outside of Washington D.C. Mike Klein of Good Fortune Farm produces organic produce for Black Restaurant Group with a hands on, attentive approach that is reflected in the wonderful flavor of his harvest.  Looking at Mike's hands you can get a feel for all the hard work and care he puts into the quality of his food.  On his farm he grows everything from strawberries to asparagus to tomatoes to garlic, diversifying his operation while figuring out what works best.

Mike purchased his farm in 1997, a few years after receiving a Masters Degree in Animal Science from UC Davis.  He began by growing a small selection of items that included tomatoes, potatoes, and strawberries.  One of his first customers was a bright young chef who had an affinity for everything local and delicious and sustainably farmed, before it was en vogue.  That chef happened to be Jeff Black, the owner and chef of Addies Restaurant in Rockville, MD.  Today Mike's ultra fresh produce is featured at BRG restaurants, where each restaurant always looks forward to his evening deliveries.  He is known to have some of the best asparagus and sweetest strawberries available, all grown in Brandywine, MD, right outside D.C.'s city limits. Mike only delivers to a select group of restaurants and refuses to get any bigger, but he adds "I'll always be willing to save room for a Jeff Black restaurant."  Our chefs and guests are happy about that.
Works like a charm
Video Link: Mike and Good FortuneNursery,
Garlic, and Radishes

UPDATED VIDEOS:  Here are some updated videos of the farm in July during harvest!!

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