Thursday, April 4, 2013

Earth N Eats, A Family Farm

All photos courtesy of Sierra Suris
Pulling into Earth N Eats farm off of Wayne Highway in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, you get a sense that you are a guest at someones house, not just a visitor at a farm.  That's exactly how Samuel and Josiah Martin want it.  Located in a beautiful area of Southern Pennsylvania, Earth N Eats is a family first farm that delivers fresh produce, mushrooms, cheese, and eggs to Black Restaurant Group.

A trip into the greenhouses introduces the different farming techniques they employ, from growing leafy greens in floating trays to cultivating tiny radishes in plastic cups.  When talking to Samuel you get a sense of the passion and excitement he has for growing good food from the quick of his speech and the energy of his hand motions.  He looks you right in the eye when talking about his farm and he means it when he says that his operation is as much about family and quality as it is about profit.  Some of his produce really stretches the imagination of what is possible due to its diminutive size and bold flavors.  He has the sweetest carrots you will taste about the size of a wine cork, radishes the size of marbles that are more savory than bitter, and turnips no bigger than a quarter that could fool your taste buds into thinking they just encountered some exotic nut.  They are currently working on baby beets that rival homemade candies for deliciousness and color.  Samuel and Josiah are both honest, hard-working people that are looking to share their passion for healthy, good food with the city, just like as if it were family.  Videos: BasilMicro GreensThe Greenhouse

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