Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pipe Dreams Makes Great Cheese a Reality

Brad Parker loves his goats.  We love his cheese.  It all makes sense when you visit his farm in scenic Greencastle, Pennsylvania.  It's a common occurrence to hear the chatter of the baby goats looking for their next feeding or dairy goats bellowing hellos when you pull into the farm.  You will most likely find Brad in the cheese room, hard at work, or outside taking care of his herd, completing the arduous daily tasks that are required to maintain happy goats.  That's o.k., it's what he signed up for when he figured out that outside work was more suited to him than an office job.

Photo courtesy of Sierra Suris
Brad studied in France during the early 1980's, in a region he called "the West Virginia of France", a landscape decorated with rolling hills and scenic mountains.  During his time there he took up goat herding while not at school and it was this experience that planted the seed in his mind that maybe working with these animals was an occupation he was destined for.  After a stint with the Peace Core he worked with Capricorn Farms and that experience catapulted him into the cheese farm he runs today.  To listen to him talk you get a sense of how excited he is about the cheese he is producing and the twinkle in his eye reveals to you just how important farming a beautiful product is to his quality of life.  He is dedicated to his farm and his herd and you can taste it in the rich, flavorful cheese he produces proving that happy goats make happy cheese. Videos: Cheese Room
Goat Cheese Logs
Kids Saying Hello

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