Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Best Week Ever?

Nantucket Bay scallop season opened November 1st and, as early as Wednesday November 3rd, we will be seeing our first shipment.  Receiving the ocean candy this early is no small feat considering that our guy Captain Jeff had a waiting list with more names on it than Santa's naughty child roll call.  Coinciding with the start of Nantucket Bay scallop season is the fact that we are in the middle of Alaskan king crab season.  This week BlackSalt will also be welcoming our first, and possibly only, shipment of fresh, never frozen Alaskan king crab on Thursday, November 5th.

Take that in for a moment...boom...  Mind.  Blown.  Two of the most delicious and most seasonal items in the seafood world available in the same week.  For people who love the best food on earth, this week quite possibly may be the nexus of flavor and fortune.

There are many scallops in the market year round such as sea scallops, calico bay scallops, and Chinese bay scallops, but none offer the full flavor, sugary sweetness that Nantucket Bay scallops deliver.  Some say it's the crisp, pristine waters, others say it's the copious eel grass beds, but, whatever it is, there is no denying that something separates "nanny bays" from all other scallops.  Our nanny bays are shucked in the morning and shipped the same day, reaching us full of the flavorful sugar that nature bequeaths.  There is no adulteration of the product and no need for it.  Trying them raw could change your life.

About 99% of the Alaskan king crabs available in the U.S. market are previously frozen.  Freezing causes the crabs to lose their natural sweetness and dulls the complexity of their flavor.  Only during the season are we able to get our hands on fresh, never frozen product, and this window can be quite tiny.  The season opens in October and closes when the quota is met.  This could mean only a couple of weeks of harvest and availability in some scenarios.  The crabs are harvested, cooked, and shipped the same day.  Shelf life is short, making timing extremely important and quality a premium.  This could be our only shipment of the season.

If I were looking for a week to splurge on deliciousness, this would be it.  Grabbing these two items in the same week is like taking your taste buds to the top of Everest.  It's a bit of a hike to get there, but once you've reached the top, the rest of the world rests below you.

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