Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lobster Prices

I want to remind everyone to call their mother this Sunday, as if you didn't remember, it's Mother's Day once again.  Mother's Day in the seafood industry means a lot of lobster sales.  For some reason moms love the delicious crustacean.  Maybe it's the sweet, buttery meat.  Maybe it's because lobster has become so popular that pricing has made this hot item a special occasion food.  Either way, I want to warn you before you even get to the market for fresh lobster: cold water, hard shell lobsters will not be cheap this weekend.

Here's why.

The Canadian lobster season, which was supposed to open April 30th, has been delayed due to ice and severely cold water.  That's right, that winter that just wouldn't go away still haunts us, all the way into May.  It was so brutal up north that the water temperatures have yet to recover, stunting lobster landings.  This means that the initial start of what many call "lobster season" during the spring and summer months will be slow to start.  Expect prices to reflect this dearth in the marketplace, with live lobsters and freshly cooked lobster meat prices up nearly 30% over last year's numbers.

This is unfortunate news, especially for this special weekend.  Supply just won't meet demand.  Moms are special people, the best in the world, and while lobster season is slow to start, Mother Nature has provided some other delicious spring goodies such as king salmon, black cod, halibut, domestic blue crab, and fresh Carolina shrimp.  Did I mention nothing says "I love you mom" like a delicious Maryland Blue Crab Cake?

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