Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seafood Fraud in the News

I wanted to share an article released today by Oceana on seafood fraud.  The reports are a little disturbing.  CNN is also airing a report on the subject today.  From the report you can see that mislabeling is happening nationwide and it is a problem that needs a bigger bandaid.  There are many different cases and situations, but frankly customers deserve to know what they are eating.  Whatever we have to do to accomplish this, we need to do it, and enforce it.  BRG is teaming up with Congressional Seafood, one of its suppliers, and beginning a traceability program for its restaurant's menus.  This is just one step we are taking to ensure that we are getting the fish that we pay for, and in turn, our customers are certain that when they come to our restaurants they are served exactly what is stated on the menu.  Remember that when you go bargain shopping for your seafood, you might not be getting the deal you bargained for.  You can view the article here and here.

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