Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Norway Delivers Beautiful Crab

The fresh king crab season for Alaska lasts about three weeks from October until the quota is hit.  That doesn't give us much time to enjoy one of nature's tastiest, most sustainable seafood items.  You can get frozen king crab just about anywhere, but enjoying right off the boat fresh is something only about 5% of the population gets to enjoy.  Truly, it's an experience meant for a king, no pun intended.  Insert Norway here.

The Norwegians are now producing a fresh, never frozen king crab that equals it's Alaskan counterpart in quality and flavor.  Pinnacle Seafood processes king crab on the coast of Finnmark, Norway live, fresh and frozen and delivers to the States the very same day.  The crabs are caught by day-boat off of the coast of Norway and the fishery is supported by the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace.  The legs yield about 90% meat.  This means that when you break into a juicy leg, your reward is a fat, buttery, mouth-watering chunk of crabmeat.  BlackSalt is carrying the fresh, never frozen product while demand lasts.  The flavor is unequaled in my opinion, fresh king crab just may be the most delicious seafood item out there.  There is no need for sauces or cooking.  Just purchase a cluster, crack open a leg, and let your mouth experience the fresh ocean goodness.  King crab is rich and fatty, so you don't need a ton to get your fill, but on the other hand it won't leave you feeling like you just ate a Buick.  I recommend them at room temperature and naked.  I liken the experience to tasting an ocean truffle; it's rich, smooth, balanced with salt and fat, and induces a crescendo of delight that resets your taste buds and makes you rethink all of your previous food experiences.

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