Saturday, May 28, 2016

Seafood Highlight: The Spot Prawn

We are receiving our first shipment of live Spot Prawns today and are very excited.  We don't often offer these delicious sea treats due to their prohibitive cost and extremely volatile shelf-life.  This holiday weekend though, we decided to take the risk and bring some into BlackSalt to share the exquisite sweetness and silky texture of these rare prawns.  They come to us live, which is important because they taste best when prepared from this state.  The window of their availability will be very short because we can't keep them alive for long, so if you are interested in tasting one the West Coast's most desirable delicacies, I encourage you to get to BlackSalt right away.  Here is a link to the fishermen that harvest our prawns and more information on that process and what the species is about.  California Spot Prawn

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