Thursday, January 21, 2016

Another Bay, Another Way

With the winter wrath in full tilt and Nantucket and New Hampshire Bay scallops nowhere to be found, we have yet another player coming through in the bay scallop game.  This week, and hopefully going forward, Black Restaurant Group is happy to welcome back Peruvian Bay Scallops.

Peruvian bay scallops are sustainably farm-raised in Sechura Bay, Peru.  Divers gather these scallops from the sea floor, causing no damage to the environment and with no by-catch of other unwanted species.  Sechura Bay lies at the edge of the Northern Peruvian Upwelling System (NPUS).  This area is a transition zone where tropical and upwelling currents intermingle to cause a swell of nutrients upon which the scallops feed heavily.  They are a different species of bay scallop, but are very similar in size and flavor to our native Nantucket and New Hampshire bi-valves.  Peruvian Bays are harvested, hand shucked, and shipped the same day, delivering to our doors sashimi grade product of a very high quality.

Don't let the winter lock you in before you get to taste these South American candies.  We may not be able to get our homegrown treats during the frosty season, but it's nice to know that these sustainable, Friend of The Sea certified, precious morsels are available to allay our craving for sugar-coated seafood.

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