Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Tasty Striped Trumpeter

There's a new edition to the expanding rotation of fresh seafood at BlackSalt Fish Market: the Striped Trumpeter.  Striped Trumpeter are large members of the trumpeter family and are caught off the coasts of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.  They are easily recognizable by their protruding mouths and bold stripes, though the stripes fade as the fish grow larger, especially for fish weighing over 5 pounds.  

During the spring and summer months the fish come closer to shore where they are caught off of rocky bottoms.  They primarily feed on crustaceans, octopus, fish, and squid, so in a world in which you taste like what you eat, trumpeter flesh offers a bouquet of shellfish sweetness with a delicate richness not matched by fish found on our domestic coasts.  These fish are highly prized for their luscious flavor, especially in Tasmania where they are considered the tastiest fish in the sea.  Striped Trumpeter have a good oil content, off-white flesh and a savory flavor.  They are best smoked, saut√©ed, or grilled due to the firm texture of their meat and most find their flavor accentuated by a good sauvignon blanc.

Due to their high demand, striped trumpeter will not be a mainstay at the market during the spring months, though from time to time we will have them to offer.  Spring brings us quite a selection of fresh options, the trumpeter being one of the more special and hard to find items.  We recommend getting your bite on before the season's end.    

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