Monday, January 13, 2014

Pacific Salmon Company Tests Radiation Rumors

I have recently fielded more questions than usual about whether or not there have been any increased or dangerous radiation levels detected in fish harvested from our West Coast.  My answer has been and remains the same: no danger has been reported and proven with consuming seafood from our domestic West Coast fisheries.  There have been no substantiated reports proving that seafood from this area is contaminated or a risk.

There has been a recent rash of Internet rumors surfacing that fallout from the Fukushima disaster has made seafood harvested from our West Coast unsafe to consume due to high radiation levels.  The scaremongering taking place has prompted one Pacific seafood company to take action.  Loki Fish Co., of Seattle, WA recently sent wild salmon samples from five different salmon species harvested in Washington and Alaska to Eurofins Analytical Laboratories.  The laboratory tested seven samples for radiation, finding that five samples were free of any elements and two samples were found to have trace elements - though at levels well below the guidelines the FDA has set.  You can read more HERE.

The Internet is as dangerous as it is useful.  You can find an article to defend just about anything you want to believe in.  My recommendation is to check sources and only visit accredited sites you are familiar with, such as NOAA and Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Keep in mind that current scientific research is telling us that you are doing more harm to your body by Not consuming seafood than you are by consuming it.  This just in: domestic seafood is not only a safe choice of protein, but one of the healthiest you will find at the market.

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