Monday, January 27, 2014

Halibut Quota

For you halibut fans out there, this year's Pacific season will be a mixed bag.  Many feared that quota cuts were going to take the total allowable catch (TAC) below 25 million pounds, a number that would really put a strain on supply and raise prices dramatically.  The good news is that this did not happen as the TAC is above 27 million pounds.  The bad news is that this number is still down 11% from last year's quota.  That means that you shouldn't sweat whether or not halibut will be available fresh for us living on the East Coast, but you most likely won't be paying any less for quality product this year.  There have been quota cuts on Pacific halibut for several years in a row now as the management council continues to strive to reach equilibrium between fish being harvested and big fish remaining in the water.  These cuts raise prices at the cash register, but are necessary to protect the resource and ensure that the species has an opportunity flourish.

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