Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Are Salmon Prices Rising

Farmed Salmon prices are nearly 50% higher this year than last.  Right now the high costs are holding steady and show no signs of receding.  Fortunately the wild salmon season is open in the Pacific, so there are healthy, alternative options for salmon lovers, but wild fish prices are consistently higher than farmed salmon.  So why are farmed prices so out of whack this year?  This ARTICLE from the UK can shed some light on the subject.

Though the article addresses UK grocers, the same issues affect U.S. stores and supplies.  Feed prices have risen and the costs of producing salmon have never been higher.  Colder waters have crippled both Norwegian and Canadian production, causing a lack of fish ready for harvest.  Canadian farms have also battled ISA and other outbreaks and many fish have been culled.  Chilean production has been dealing with similar issues, forcing global production into a bit of a hole.  I talk to many suppliers and all say the same thing: "I have never seen salmon prices this high and I have no clue when the prices will break."  With so many wild options available, it does not seem to be too big of an issue at the moment.  Wild fish are usually better for you and are a sustainable option.  But if things do not get better soon, it could be a difficult fall and winter for Atlantic salmon enthusiasts.  Quality farmed salmon will be available, I'm just not sure at what price.

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