Friday, May 17, 2013

VA and MD Take To The Reefs

Imagine the Bay, a crystal clear sanctuary where many different species thrive and reproduce and live in a balanced, bountiful harmony.  Imagine a Bay where you can see the bottom through glass-like water.  That's exactly the way the Chesapeake Bay was, before the pollution.  What kept it that way were the millions of oysters, dutifully filtering the entire Bay every 3 days.  Oysters are a very important part of a healthy ecology and play a very significant role in our water system.  VA and MD government bodies are doing a lot of work to bring back oyster reefs and oyster populations to their previous glory days.  This includes transporting oysters and "putting them in the mood" by bathing them in warmer water to induce spawning.  Think of it as sex therapy for oysters.  Please take a look at this ARTICLE to read more about the work and importance of bringing oysters back to the Bay.  When you get a chance while dinning to try some oysters this summer, especially Virginia or Maryland varieties, take the plunge.  The more of them you eat, the more of them get planted.  The Bay needs more empty shells, because at BRG restaurants the shells go back into the water to create new habitat for the next generation of oysters.
Shuck 'em if you got 'em

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