Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Soft Shell Crabs are Coming

I have been hesitant to write something on soft shells this year.  Though they started to show up over a month ago, the prices were sky high and quality was, well it was the first of the season, so you know how that goes.  Now I feel like its time to mention the tasty little critters because more states are open and if the warm weather keeps up we are going to see softies begin shedding right in our backyard.  Right now FL, GA, and SC are producing soft shell crabs and my sources tell me that pots have been dropped in VA waters and right now its a waiting game.  The price has come down, not to mid-season levels, but enough where we are offering them at BlackSalt on a regular basis.  The sizes I have been quoted right now are for jumbo size crabs, which are perfect for cooking, but the smaller crabs that are more affordable are soon to come.  If you want to encourage the warm the weather to get here faster, there's no better way to do it than cooking up some soft shell crabs, pouring a few pints, and turning up the music.  Quoting the Beatles, "Here comes the sun."

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