Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sweet Shrimp Won't Be Home For Christmas

Every year from the cold waters of New England we expect to see those tiny, tasty, and affordable sweet red shrimp decorating markets and menus up and down the East Coast.  Boat loads of the glowing shrimp enter the market flashing their freshness like Christmas tree bulbs and they are so fresh you can eat them raw.  Unfortunately this year we most likely will not have any sweet shrimp to speak of, due to environmental conditions, namely higher ocean temperatures.  The bio-mas is just too low and scientists are worried that a normal season could spell major problems for the shrimp.  In the article posted Here it is explained that the season will not begin until after the holiday, much later than the usual December start.  The quota will be shortened also.  All of these measures are to ensure that the fishery remains sustainable and the shrimp population is given time to recover.  It is very sad in a way, we won't be having those tasty shrimp on our plates anytime soon.  In another way it is a clear sign that we are beginning to understand the importance of protecting our natural resources by implementing harsh restrictions.  Not fifty years ago I believe that these warning signs would have gone ignored.  It gives me hope for all U.S. fisheries when we can collectively decide to sacrifice a season for a species.

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