Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maryland Crab Report

Just a few years ago the Maryland blue crab population was on the verge of collapse.  Doomsayers were running through the streets in response to another seafood population claimed victim by the greedy human appetite.  The government responded by tightening restrictions and cutting some seasons.  Many watermen and citizens made some tough economic decisions, sacrificing their heritage and way of life and today the news is out that the crab population is higher than it has been in 19 years.  Juvenile crabs and total crab population is up, way up, and it sounds like the story of the blue crab will have a happy ending.  This of course assumes that we can continue to restrain ourselves from partaking in the free-for-all fishing that has plagued so many other fisheries.  The outlook for many ocean dwelling species is not as bright as the blue crab, but we can look to this situation as an example of what is possible when we all - government, fishermen, and the common people - work together to protect our resources.

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