Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eating Guidelines

I wanted to share with you an intriguing article from the Washington Post National Website that I read this morning.

When selling seafood to the public you come across customers that have questions that range from the superficial to the in-depth and customers that have set opinions on many varying issues.  One such issue that is raised just about every day, often with formed opinions that are beyond approach, is the issue of dietary recommendation.  Usually I will recite certain studies - two of which are mentioned in the attached article - that highlight the benefits of eating fish and how they outweigh the negatives.  What most often happens is that whatever pre-conceived notions a person walks into the market with, they leave still clinging to those notions.  This can be attributed to something that they read or heard weeks, months, or even years ago.  Information is always changing though, especially when it comes to the world of seafood.  We are constantly finding out new aberrations of what goes for the truth.  Stocks are constantly rebuilding or declining, aquaculture practices are getting better or worse, fishing methods are improving;  what I am getting at is that the science of seafood and our knowledge of it works just like the ocean -  there are ebbs and flows.  Each part of industry must be reconsidered every so often with some frequency, just like our opinions.  There are rules and guidelines that you can trust, but remember, they are always written with a pencil with a big eraser.

Now I am in no way advocating that you can not trust any information and that you should just throw away you Monterey Bay seafood lists or delete your sustainable fish apps.  What I am saying is that when it comes down to it, fish and seafood is good for you.  It is a great natural protein that has proven health benefits.  It is far simpler to prepare at home than most people think and once you source a responsible market, like BlackSalt, the possibilities of improving your diet and spicing up your routine are exciting.  Enjoy seafood and enjoy it often.  

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